Canopy Cable Product

Did you guys see this release, and are you planning to useor offer to cable providers. I thought it looks interesting

Motorola Offers Cable Network Extension System

Motorola Inc. has unveiled a wireless broadband solution for cable network operators as part of its MOTOwi4 platform.

The new Cable Canopy is a suite of products, featuring the Canopy wireless broadband system. Motorola has rolled out the solution to help cable companies extend their networks cost effectively.

Cable Canopy includes Motorola’s SB5000 DOCSIS 2.0-compatible cable modem and access point for outdoor applications. The modem can be combined with Motorola’s Canopy Advantage Subscriber Module to extend hybrid fiber-coaxial networks.

The combination of equipment allows network extension at a lower cost than adding wireline infrastructure such as copper or cable, according to an announcement issued by Motorola.

Motorola plans to showcase its broadband wireless solution at the NCTA BizNet Pavillion during the 2006 National Show in Atlanta.

– Kurt Mackie