Canopy calibrating problem !!!

I have canopy ap-5200 and canopy sm-5200 modules.
firmware version - 6.1.

I have a trouble with calibrating these modules.

I have recieved a mail from OLD URL

Attached is the calibration data for your Canopy modules. For
directions on how to enter the data into your modules, please refer to
the Canopy Release 4.0 Software Release Notes, section on “Improved
RSSI and Power Level Measurement.

Note: An asterisk (”*") in the calibration data indicates that the
information is either currently not available or you entered an
incorrect or misformatted MAC address. Please recheck your MAC
address, and if correct call customer support at 1-888-605-2552

MAC Address RSSI Slice Power
0A003E009F69 * * *
0A003E00AC81 * * *

But I rechecked mac address - all correctly.

Please help me with calibrating!

I had this same problem, a couple of MAC addresses didn’t show up in the automatic reply table. Called their phone number, explained the problem, they were able to get me the information over the phone.

The main reason that these radios, when submitted to the web tool, come back with no information is that the radios are already calibrated.

The way that one can tell if a radio is calibrated or not is by looking at the RSSI parameter on the Status page. If the RSSI font is colored red then the radio is NOT calibrated.

The one caveat to this if the default (override) plug is inserted in the radio, then the RSSI font will ALWAYS be colored red.

There is only a small subset of radios that needed to be calibrated in the field.

If you believe that your radio is not calibrated, please contact Canopy Technical Support.