Canopy Consultants

We are a Satellite installation company that got involved in Wisping about 18 months ago.we have around 500 subs of which 300 odd have Voip accounts,we have recently started to deploy Canopy,having read this Forum front to back I realise that we need a Consultant to help us with QoS etc and to configure Prism,CMMs etc…Are there any Canopy experts for hourly hire ,like there are for Mikrotik ?

personally save your money, read the manual, experiment and post your questions here…

As VJ points out, this is a very hands-on peer-supporting group. Motorola does offer training (warning, since our company is the outsourced training group for Motorola, this information can appear self-serving :wink: ). However, the regular posters on this forum are very real-world savy…and most have tried many of the QoS, CMM tricks there are…so this “is” a great place for peer-support :smiley:

The newest version of the Canopy System User Guide (CSUG) is posted under: … on=1&cat=8 - and the best suggestion I have (along VJ’s line-of-thinking) is to read a lot of the posts…read the manual…and ask questions along the way. There are many VERY supportive folks on this forum - you’ll like it here…

Welcome onboard!!!

Vj thanks I agree its good advice but we just dont seem to have the time to "put it all together "as we are chasing our tails most of the time installing and sorting problems which are now being solved by slow migration to Canopy,having read (and I intend to reread) the entire forum,and having read and reread the manual,I realise there are issues way over my head and my “Computer Guy” we are not network Engineers we are experienced Television,MMDs ,Satellite installers and from your previous posts I am glad I am not the only one surrounded by Baboons with Goldfish mentalities ! :cry: We have used a Mikrotik Consultant and feel it was well worth the money,all I am after now is a quieter less stressfull life which for sure will be achieved by having a
happy well cared for network where clients and employees alike soldier on in blissful peace ! To achieve this fairly quickly for me its worth paying for.

Many thanks for all the PMs,I will be in touch.

I dont think anyone wants to give you money!

If you would like we could arrange a conference call and I will advise you the best I can. Send me a pmsg if youre interested and I will give you my contact info.

This is where that Ideal Canopy network setup guide would kick ass.