Canopy Cyclone 5.8 AP Problem

I have an Canopy Cyclone 5.8 installed at 260’. The Cable is outdoor shielded Cat-5e. We have tested the connection use a cable tester and it looked well. We are having a problem with the ethernet link on the AP. The Cable is pluged into a HP4000m switch and it is set to auto neg. If we plug it in it will come up but every minute to 3 minutes the port light goes out. We have replaced the Canopy Cyclone and the cable but this is still happening. I have even gone so far as to set the AP to 10HDpx and the switch to the same and it still happens. I have tried 10 HDpx, 10FDpx,100HDPx, 100FDPx. If I set the switch port to 100FDPx and the AP to 100FDPx the link light does not come on. If I set the switch to auto then the link light will come on for a little while and then go off and back on. I have tried a linksys 5-Port router and it does the same thing. If I use a hub then it works. Why?

Is it a 10 or 100 meg hub?

10 mb hub

When you have a successful link using the 10 meg hub, is the cyclone forced to 10 megs or is it set to auto-negotiate?

we had the same issue with a 5.7 bh. canopy support tried to tell us it was because we weren’t using a CMM. We changed out the switch and it’s been up for 3 weeks without a drop. We tried limiting the bh ethernet port to 10 meg and it didn’t help either.

the canopy is set to auto neg.