Canopy Design for User Self-Install

I’m new to the forum (and Canopy) so I hope I’m not asking old questions…

Is there a recommended Canopy design for end-users to be able to do self-installations? We are in a very competitive Cable HS and DSL HS market and having to roll a truck and install an outdoor antenna is a serious barrier to entry.

Cable runs at 5Mb/s and DSL runs at 3Mb/s at roughly $40/mo. Is there a competitive play with Canopy that has worked in a similar environment? By the way, we have lots of trees.

Any reading recommendations would be appreciated.



I can offer my .02

Canopy 900 is the only shot you have with alot of trees. With that said, you will see varying performance depending on

A. amount of foliage
B. RF noise from paging towers (You should acquire a 900MHz AP and SM and see how it performs in your area.)
c. customer’s ability to get a ladder, climb on the roof, mount an antenna and fight with the alignment and run a cat5 into the house. Not likeley to happen.
d. Cost of bandwidth (you will need at least 2 T1’s)

Can it be done? Yes. Will it have an acceptable ROI? Depends on who your target customer is. If it’s joe consumer, you may have trouble.

We are in a very competetive market. Our play is to not compete. Cable and DSL are not able to get everywhere, and where they aren’t, we are. We focus on areas where we are the only game in town, and charge a premium for it. The ROI is totally acceptable and the customers get a service that is extremely cost effective when compared to a fractional or full T1.

Business customers are an excellent opportunity. Wireless makes a great redundant circuit, and/or can help a customer cut the cost of their T1 by half or more.

Good luck.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications