Canopy GPS does'nt working

Hi all

I am using Motorola canopy since 3 years and it was working fine. but last few weeks i find that AP can not showing any GPS information i am trying change gps cable but no improve… can anyone tell me how could i solve this problem. oh i am using canopy 5.7 4 ap .

NB : i am new canopy user .

Thank you

Hasan Mahmud Riyad
System Integration Engineer

Is this a CMM or a CMMmicro? If it is a CMMmicro, log in and look at the GPS status page. There is a field that will show you the Antenna Connection staus.

If it is a CMM, do you have another CMM that you can borrow the GPS board from for testing? Handle the board with care.

Hi Jerry

Ya i am using a CMM not CMM micro and i dont have another CMM for testing my GPS … Have there another solution…???

Check the connectors inside the CMM and make sure there is no water in any of the connections. Water has a tendency to seep into the tiniest places.

Reset the CMM power (pull the fuse and put back in)

Put everything back together, and carefully disconnect the small antenna connector from the GPS board. Disconnect the GPS Antenna from the other end of the cable. Use a meter set to Ohms and check for a short between the center pin and the barrel of the connector. You should measure an open connection (more than 10M Ohms on a standard Digital Multi Meter)

Reset the CMM power (pull the fuse and put back in)

Reconnect the small connector to the GPS board - be very very careful. Switch your meter from Ohms to DC Volts. Measure the voltage across the center pin and barrel at the antenna end of the cable (don’t short the center pint o the barrell). I do not remember what the voltage is supposed to be but if you get 0V, then it’s likely your GPS board is bad. Not a totally uncommon problem.

Reset the CMM power (pull the fuse and put back in)

Try another GPS antenna.

make sure the gps antena y completly vertical.
Sometimes when the antena is tilted, it will start to present problems.