Canopy Help 900MHz

I’m looking for someone who may be kind enough to let me pick your brain. my manager and I inherited a canopy network about 9 months ago and are now realizing that the previous manager didn’t really know how to setup a well functioning wireless network. (not bashing him just telling it like it is) my current manager was going to go get canopy certified but the class was canceled so i’ve been pretty much passing info a long that i’ve learned from the forums but i need to be able to ask a ton of specific questions and the forums just wont give me the speed i need answers in.

would like to be able to ask a lot of question just about basic RF and specifically 900MHz spectrum also knowledge in mikrotik would be great but not totally needed i need someone to help me out in real world situations the canopy documentation has given me a good base but i have questions i need answered.

if someone could email me or pm me to speak about some things more that would be great. i don’t get a lot of time in the office so after bussiness hours 8-4:30 EST would not be ideal but i can schedual time if its justified or just email works for me… not sure if you need more info from me but if your interested in helping a canopy noob provide reliable Internets to people in the boondocks of maine i would be very greatful

Thanks in advance
Eric ATI Technition

msg sent :slight_smile: