Canopy in forested areas


I’m starting up wireless broadband in a cottage area where is no cable or DSL. I have been talking to motorola about the Expedience system, but the motorola rep suggest I look at the canopy system. After reviewing the site and the forum here I not sure that canopy will work for the company. The main issue I have is the most of out customers would not have line of sight to the AP. I have include a link to the map of the areas that we want to serve I thought I post my concern here and get some feedback to see if canopy would work or sure I go to the license Expedience system ( I’m looking into to holds the license for my area)

Jason Pitts

If it’s heavy with pine trees, I don’t know what you’ll be able to use, but if it’s mostly deciduous trees, go 900MHz. You’ll get a lot better tree penetration that any of the higher frequencies.

Without giving too much information out… I’ve developed a 900mhz mesh system capable of 5mb/5mb out to 12 hops. It should be ready for actual deployment sometime in the next 6 months. It is non-Motorola but would work well in a situation such as here.

Expedience looks pretty cool. What sort of speeds can one get out of it? The specs sheet is lacking

jason i also am operating a wireless system in ns. with most of my customers being nlos i am getting great results with 900 canopy gear contact me if you like and i’ll give you some real time numbers of what you can do with it and more importantly what you can’t do