Canopy & inbuilt CMM

Since To avoid Self Interference Canopy needs to be clocked by
CMM module. Since there r people who do not buy the CMM when they setup 1 or two BH links , resulting in issues which r then dependent on lot of time being wasted & un necessary calls being generated.

So these people can bring down some one’s Cluster who have CMM & large invesments in Canopy H/Ware

I suggest that MOTO build Single port Clocking with GPS in the Unit itself
so no one has MOTO link working w/o synchronizations.

Look at - this does exactly what you want at an incredibly low cost.

That is fine , that low cost option such as that mentioned r available.But since the way canopy works , it is mandatory to have CMM. That is why i am asking that MOTO must integrate this sync business with the product itself.

No canopy gear should be dispatched w/o CMM.

But since the way canopy works , it is mandatory to have CMM

It is not mandatory. It is highly recommended for installs in certain applications and environments. I have links that are very far from any other networks or sources of significant interference that work quite well without a CMM and do not affect others (as there are no others anywhere near them).


Ok. It is not mandatory in that sense.But Still putting that sync stuff , avoids self interference later stages & achieve more productivity & reduce support calls .

Assume a situation of some one having invested in entire cluster with CMM & then some people putting links w/o CMM( who have less at stake). The guy having invested in CMM also suffers…

From that perspective I suggest MOTO should not ship product w/o CMM.

But how can they regulate who uses a CMM and who does not? So you are saying that if I order a single AP then Motorola should ship it with a CMM? That would steeply increase the price of an AP. And if that single AP is to replace one in a cluster that has been damaged, then I end up with a very expensive AP and another spare CMM. It just doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

I’m not trying to start a debate here. I agree that it would be nice if everyone using Canopy in a dense area could cooperate and use the equipment to make coexistence possible with no issues.

On the topic of CMMs… in the webinar on Friday there was mention made of a CMM4 (CMM3 being the Micro) that would allow for the use of any external switch desired. I don;t know the details, only that it is coming. This would allow many of us to use managed switches directly tied to the CMM.


As u said MOTO can not fore installer to put CMM, but those who buy CMM can be put into problem even after puiting CMM , by those who operate w/o CMM .

The CMM (Micro) has 8 ports built into it.The additional GPS Antannae is put for picking if GPS Signal.

Now when they integrate this CMM into AP or BH it needs to be a single port CMM , which will just pick up GPS signal from Satellite & sync the AP or BH.

When some one is putting larger infrastructure , option can be given to installer for usng external CMM or integrated.

Implementing single port CMM electronics into Canopy device at Manufacturer level should not result in any major cost gettign added to the device itself.

or they can device in such a way that as people keep on adding devices all individual ports togather can result in integrated CMM.This is just an idea, but i feel MOTO technically can definately implement the same.

And if they r comming out with separation of the Switching with sync logic , i feel that can put this in device itself this small additional circuitry.