Canopy Link with AP and SM using RD... what is the range?

I need to know what is the distance that I could have covered with a Canopy link using an AP and SM with reflector dish… I have a distance of 30 km, but the customer don’t like the price $$$ of a BH link. So I am trying to sell a solution using AP and SM with reflector. If this is possible, what is the range in the different frecuencies of Canopy radios?

Hi jachaco

We did not recommend that you install reflectors in AP radios, because you lose 54° of coverage, other issue is that the performance of the multipoint is different of point to point, this is very important for performance of your application.

Other thing is, many countries have restrictions of the government to establish links with the conditions as you say.

In Costa Rica you need first request a authorization in the “Oficina de Radios” in case of the link are for private use. “Oficina de Radios” will say the conditions of this installation.

About your question of ranges in different frequencies, you find info in the next link :

Thanks Joelge,

But in this case I had have very meetings with the Oficina de Control de Radio in Costa Rica, I know the regulations and all the issues involved with this office. I have a very good acknowledge about the Canopy products, I know the limitations if I use the RD, I know about the bandwidth that I could get with this solution, but the customer only need a bandwidth about 100 kbps, so, with a solution of this kind I could have the 4 Mbps DW and 2 Mbps UP, it is a very good bandwidth for them!!! That is the way why I am asking about a solution point to point for this customer. I know the usual range or distances for the Canopy product; just in this case this is an unusual solution. This customer is located in the jungle where no GSM, TDMA or other technology they could use. Just think about a Canopy Solutions for them… just a BIG SUCCESS!!