Canopy Lite

I can’t think of a product less needed than a lite SM when the telcos are all gearing up for 3Mbps mobile wireless. What we need is cheaper standard Canopy SMs.


Absolutely! We need more bandwidth at a lower cost! DSL was just turned-on in our area and we are getting a lot of customers calling in to cancel and switch. I need to be able to offer them more bandwidth for less cost…

I agree also.
Lowering the price and putting a 512k limit is of no use to us.

If they are going to go light at least give us 3 or 1.5 up and down.

When I purchased 12 9000APF units I was mildly surprised to see the label under the 9000APF sticker was originally a 9000SMF.

If Motorola can take what was originally an SM and repackage it as an AP then why are they charging 1700+ per AP when we can get the SM’s for a little over $300.

Clearly this was not a “mistake” in the label, these 12 untils were ordered about 3 weeks apart in orders of 6 (along with several 60MB and 300MB orthogon systems).

Where are you getting SM’s for a little over $300?

msmith wrote:
Where are you getting SM's for a little over $300?

You have to order large qty's, ie; bulk packs in 25 and 100 to get the best price. The 500 bulk pack was discontinued last October in favor of slightly lower prices in the 25 and 100 packs.

Bulk packs don't come with a power supply but if you order those in 100 unit lots you can get them for 7.60 each.

I’ve said this before (and been harassed by Motorola by it, BTW) but Motorola seems to be totally out of touch with its Canopy customers. Hopefully I won’t have to build yet another userid to log in after posting this. :slight_smile:

I guess we all have to have an opinion. I recall not that long ago there were a number of us begging Moto to provide us with cheaper SMs.


Moto, I pledge to buy 500 units in the 900 MHz flavor when it finally makes the door. Word.

Service matters. We compete with 768/128 Verizon DSL and just kick their butt in this area and we make NO BONES about selling the same speed at a higher price because:

1) Verizon overloads their circuts around here so bad that latency at 15:00 is on the order of 150-200 ms to the FIRST hop.

2) Verizon sucks so bad at service that local businesses simply refuse to use them. If you are down and you are with Verizon, expect to stay down 48 hours.

Moto, you get those lite pups out the door in the 900 MHz flavor, please. There are plenty of people out here to buy them.

micers wrote:
I guess we all have to have an opinion. I recall not that long ago there were a number of us begging Moto to provide us with cheaper SMs.

Moto, you get those lite pups out the door in the 900 MHz flavor, please. There are plenty of people out here to buy them.

My first thought was this:

If the customer says "yeah, I can get by on 512K just fine" you go out and install the thing and later they say "hey, can I get some more bandwidth?", what then?

With the Canopy Lite platform, is it a software upgrade to a full blown Canopy unit, or is this a different hardware set? If hardware then you would be looking at swapping out the radio.

I’m in Canada. The slowest “full rate” broadband connection in Ontario or Quebec is 3Mbps, and that’s the target for cell phone tower service.

our only competitor is 1.54 dsl so these new modules well be right up my alley and they way i read it the are upgradable with firmware so we are not throwing away our money just do some module swapping. Then later on upgrade if you need to
also i do not even try to compete when it comes to gamers my competitor can have them cause all they do is complain and worrie about ping times and downloads.
also i live in the hills of tn heck to cover everywhere i want too i am going to need a crap load of ap’s so moto give us some cheap ap’s i do not need vlan and some other stuff i can do with out and cut down the price on them.

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I can see this thread getting ugly, but this point has been made and mentioned over and over again. Motorola calls Canopy a “last mile solution”. I think it is exactly that. I feel that until the day comes that Motorola lowers the price of their SM’s, those of us who reside in locations where there are such things as CABLE and PHONE companies will not be able to compete AND be profitable.

Now, Moto is a business with the same goal as everyone else, to make money. I just wonder how much it really costs them to produce a single SM. I love the technology, it is a very reliable product, and I also understand that you get what you pay for, but the prices are still too high.

We’re buying DSL modems capable of up to 45Mbps (VDSL) for $45 apiece now. Apparently what you pay for isn’t all that expensive. If the SMs were $250 CDN it would make my life a lot easier, as it is we watch ~$450 go out the door with ever 900Mhz install and hope we can get it back out of the customer. We have hundreds of customers in the last year - you do the math. :frowning:

On the other cuff, if they don’t get the full maximum rate, the customers whine endlessly here. Coupled with coming WiMax competition from Inukshuk (Bell & Rogers) here in Ontario, we can’t drop that speed with a Lite product or we’ll be bowled over when they fire up that equipment.

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