canopy mac VS lte tdd


I’m interested in knowing the main differences on performance of the canopy mac for pmp450 which claims up to 90 Mbit/s for a 20 MHz channel and 2x2 MIMO aggregated and the LTE TDD mac which claims 150 Upload/75 Download Mbit/s for the same bandwidth and same MIMO. It is not clear to me if this is aggregated for LTE or the max. on each direction (this means, the max. aggregated throught is the sum max. throughtput of each factored by the DL/UP ratio).

It is clear that the LTE has huge costs on infraestructure like core, enodeb, etc…

What I’m asking is from a RF point of view, using the same RF resources (bandwidth a MIMO), and for the same signal levels, similar UL/DL ratio, etc… what are the diferences in performance, latency, etc…

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