Canopy manuals

Some time back I hunted around and found where all the manuals for the SMs, CMM MIcir, APs and such were and downloaded them all.

Problem is that I can’t find where I downladed them from and now need to pass the URL to a consultant who’s helping me out.

Anyone know where they please?

best regards

Canopy in Nigeria!!
user: canopy
pass: canopypass

This is what I have collected during past years.

You have a consultant helping you on Canopy that does not even know where the manuals are?


Hi Jerry,

no, he’s helping me with some IP issues related to traffic seperation and VLANs. he just wanted to see the AP/SM manuals to understand a little better how they handle VLAN tags and all…

I’m working with some guys in Botswana who have already done most of what I want to do.



Ah, got it.

I only asked because it’s not uncommon for a “consultant” to take on Canopy and cost the WISP alot of money and create more problems than they solve.

The Canopy User Guides (one for Release 8, and one for everything before) are located at … on=1&cat=8. The individual manuals were superceded long ago by these guides that take more of a system view.

When you do a search in Adobe or your favorite PDF reader, you’ll find 157 hits for VLAN. But before you yell argh, look at just the first 8 - they are from the Table of Contents and take you directly to all the key sections on VLANs. (This is a useful tip for searching for almost anything in big book PDFs.)

A comment - explaining VLANs or giving specific examples is a challenge, as by their nature they are wonderfully configurable, and the implementation depends on your entire network design, not just Canopy. Most folks have to get their hands dirty to really work through them.

A tip - VID 1 is used internally to Canopy. In your experimentation and design, start with VID 2.