Canopy MIBS

I am trying to add custom monitors to my BH’s, SM’s and AP’s. Can someone explain to me which MIBS and in what order I need to load the MIBS into my program? I know some programs you have to import them in a certain order. Thanks.

theres a knowlege base article on it

make sure to check the mib, some of them have motorola proprietary text in the beginning that you need to delete cause it will crash your NMS when it compiles

Do you have the link to the Knowledge base article?

Are there any specific procedures to follow when loading the MIB files?
Author: Knowledge Base Administrator

Yes! When loading the Canopy MIB files

1. Load the three standard MIB files from the internet if they aren�t already loaded on your NMS.
1. SNMPv2-SMI.txt
2. SNMPv2-CONF.txt
3. SNMPv2-TC.txt
2. Next, load the Canopy MIB files in the order they are listed below:
1. Textual Conventions MIB
2. Registrations MIB
3. Box MIB
4. AP�s MIB

Some NMS�s are sensitive to order of loading to build a MIB �tree.� Loading MIB in the recommended order will avoid any issues with loading sequence.

I followed this EXACTLY the way it says to load them… and I tried creating a custom monitor… it fails. Does anyone know what this motorola proprietory text that needs to be deleted?

Test results

The Monitor did not respond to the test request
Device Name Alum Creek SM
Monitor Name TEST RSSI
Protocol SNMP
Possible reasons
1. Check if SNMP is enabled on this device.
2. The SNMP request might have timed out
3. The OID may not have been implemented in the MIB.
4. The device might be down