canopy network extension

following is the plan for our canopy network extension.

we are using canopy 5.7GHz AP cluster in site site A, we are using CMM to synchronise AP cluster. we want to extend canopy network in another site( site B).we want to use 5.7GHz APs in site B.the backbone connection between site A and site B will be 5.2GHz canopy BH.the sync pulses for 5.7GHz AP cluster in site A, 5.2GHz BH between site A and site B, 5.7GHz APs in site B will be provided by CMM installed in site A.according to Design 5(page no 119) of SM user manual issue 5 it is possible to plan in this way.

can anybody please confirm us that whether canopy network can be extended in this way?

Yes, it can be extended, as long as you use only 1 AP at the remote site
(since you can connect the incoming pulse only to 1 unit) or you have to use another CMM for multiple units

I think you can extend the timing pulse more than once…the pulse is on pin 1 and 6. If you use a 66 punch block you should be able to pulse several AP’s…I may be wrong though, Moto support any thoughts?