Canopy on mobile truck?

I am a new in canopy. My company would like to deploy a wireless network between our service car and the company. We have some PC on the car and we need to transfer/receive date (about 4Mbytes) to my company tower (height = 70 meter). The speed of the car is around 0 - 30 km and moving in the radius of 5 - 10 km around the tower in the city. So what i am concern now is Capony can adapt to the above requirement? Do you any advice for me when we use Canopy in the near LOS condition?
Thanks in advanced! :slight_smile:

We do have a 802.11b wifi unit available. Currently it is the only product we have to perform in a mobile environment. You will need a number of them deployed around the city for the coverage you require.

This summer, we played around with a 900Mhz SM mounted on our service vehicle and were able to sustain a 1.5Mb d/l rate about 75% of the time when driving at 30mph and below. Thiis was all done within 2 miles or so of the tower (140’).

Maybe not what you were looking for, but it was pretty cool.

Will a moving SM within a range of 100 meters & at a speed not > 15 kms/hour allow an SM to remain locked to an AP , with LOS being met all the time ?AP & SM would be in 2.4GHZ

The Moving Target being Cranes in a Port.