Canopy Radiation pattern

What could happen to the 60-degree sector if I set up an AP 5.7 with passive reflector? Anyone have tested this configuration? This is because I need to distribute internet service to 3 costumers in a city over 9 miles away from the tower (AP), using BHs will be to much expensive. What could be the best solution to add a little gain to the AP?

Thank you in advance

the reflector will narrow it down to 6 degrees. I’m not sure if you’re legally able to “dish” an AP though.

We use all cyclone converted APs in our network, but we have links in the 8-10 mile range working well with a dish on the SM side.

SM connected to 360 degree AP
862 (approximately 8.00 miles (42238 feet)) (-77 dBm)

SM connected to 120 degree AP
1042 (approximately 9.67 miles (51058 feet)) (-79 dBm)

They say 15 miles with perfect los and operates at an EIRP of 36.0 dBm … cts_id=298 … recID=1392
says a default moto ap operates at EIRP (dB) 30.

We have 2400 ap put with reflector to avoid interference with existing 802.11b/g . The sms are at a distance of 2 miles.

It works.

We recently “dish” an AP to reach a city over 22 miles away from the tower, so far is working pretty damn good.