Canopy SM Overload Statistics

I am trying to gather more inforamtion as to the meaning of the Packet Overload Statistics. The most I have found in MOto docs is that the module does this to increase buffer size. I have cut and pasted info from one of our modules. The commonality to the SMs where this is occurring have Axis video servers behind them.

Any ideas?


Packet Overload Statistics
Total Packets Overload Count : 496
Ethernet In Discards : 0
Ethernet Out Discards
(Statistics=>Ethernet=>outdiscards count) : 0
RF In Discards : 0
RF Out Discards
(Statistics=>Radio=>outdiscards count) : 496

RF Control Block Statistics
inoctects Count : 49224767
inucastpkts Count : 559103
Innucastpkts Count : 135713
indiscards Count : 0
inerrors Count : 0
inunknownprotos Count : 0
outoctets Count : 1277376978
outucastpktsCount : 949586
outnucastpkts Count : 12
outdiscards Count : 496
outerrors Count : 0

Any luck with this? I have an Axis server behind an SM with high overload stats.