Canopy SM Prices

Hello all,

I heard before, don´t know exactly where, that canopy has introduced on European Markets a SM with like half the price of US price list. Something around 250-300 USD. Can anyone here or from Support confirm this?

Appreciate the answer because it´s very important for us the price of SM´s. This will actually decide on what wireless equipment we will use to assemble our network. For european markets, and because DSL and Cable is broadly provided, paying 500 USD ( the minimum…) is TOO much and people just won´t go for it. Appreciate your answers.

Best regards to all.

I’m only familiar with US pricing, but the price is reduced significantly with Canopy “bulk packs”. The list price per unit is cut in half if you’re willing to by 500 at a time.

What many resellers apparently do is buy a bulk pack and then resell individual pieces for a much lower price than Motorola’s quantity-one price. This may be the only reason you’re seeing better pricing in Europe.

Motorola states that all units in a bulk pack must be invoiced together and sold to a single customer. Resellers, however, appear to be routinely breaking this rule, and I’m not aware of Motorola enforcing their stated rule.

If you’re looking for a deal – or Motorola is looking for perpetrators – a good place to find them might be eBay. I imagine 90% of the eBay units sold as “new” are from this type of source. In the eBay sellers’ defense, however, they may not be authorized resellers and not covered by Motorola’s rules. Either way, this represents a serious bit of channel conflict for those of us who are Motorola-recognized ACRs (Authorized Canopy Resellers) and ASPs (Authorized Solution Providers).

Perhaps Canopy Tech Support could have one of their sales people post a reply on this issue.