Canopy speeds...

I’ve been reading Canopy-related documents from Motorola’s sites, and contrary to the facts I’ve gathered, I’ve been informed by my ISP that Motorola Canopy cannot be upgraded. Our community is presently stuck with 384kbps, and the price we’re paying is the same as a 1Mbps DSL connection. Their customer support representatives keep informing me that it isn’t possible to increase the minimum, but the Motorola Canopy says otherwise. It’s the same in case highly urbanized areas - minimum possible maximum of 384kbps provided by the ISP (which, by the way, is a cellular phone company).

How do I convince them to upgrade to the same bandwidth as landline-based ISPs? We’re using Canopy Lite modules. Is link aggregation possible with the Canopy platform? Maybe I can subscribe to two or three to make my connection faster, or at least so that I can implement load balancing among the computers I’m running if link bonding isn’ supported…

Can’t speak for your provider. Sounds like they underbuilt and are stuck with it.

No reason you can’t order multiple circuits and use an aggregation router like you want.

If they implement Canopy Lite then they have an Advantage AP. You can purchase a standard 5700SMDD and do up to 7Mbit aggregate. The 5700SMDD at my house pulls a sustained 5Mbit down and 1.5Mbit up.

It sounds like your WISP doesn’t have the act together…

I don’t know if I would say your ISP doesn’t have their act together, but they aren’t completely explaining to you their service packages. Perhaps 384 down is their standard residential plan. Those are the speeds for our residential plan. More than likely they are using Motorola lite units, which are capped stock at 512 aggregate sppeds, so you you prolly test out at 384 down and 128 up. Lite units CAN be upgraded, but that costs, and speaking from experience, I really don’t see that much more improvement.

If I were you, I would ask if they have a priority plan. Ours cost $10 more, but we use non-lite gear and give the user 1mbit up/down.

jwelch is correct in suggesting a non-lite unit for you. But of course, does your ISP have enough bandwidth to support such a request?