Canopy Training in Schaumburg

Well, last week proved to be VERY informative. I certainly got alot out of the classes, now I’m just hoping I’ll remember what I’ve learned. I was given some very helpful material at these classes, and combined with the new user guide AND this forum, I think I’ve got plenty of references for my future canopy deployment.

I also have to say it was very nice meeting you, Charles (if you’re reading this post). If you don’t remember me, I was the only “100% Italian” :wink:

Thanks!!! :smiley:

Bob, Sterling, and Martin all commented very positively on the class make-up and the evaluations were very complementary! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! :smiley:

How could we forget the only 100% Italian student in the class!!! Especially one who sat in the front row!!!

Martin and I are right now sitting in a pub in England - enjoying wirelesss access and some local food. I’ve just finished some fish-and-chips and some good discussion with Martin as we prepare for a week of classes over here. Martin has some ideas on some changes to the CPT300 (Advanced Canopy) class that we discussed on the way out here from the airport.

Jerry Richardson and Sterling Jacobson will be joining us in Arizona to teach classes at the Motorola Summit. Martin and I will be rolling-out the latest version of the new HotZone Duo training while there…

Our next Canopy classes are in Toronto, Ontario (Oct. 16-20), so if any of y’all want to join us, please do so quickly before registration closes…

Thank you, again, for the kind comments…we believe we can always improve, but it’s also nice to receive support along the way…

Cheers, from Jolly Ol’ England!!!