Canopy ver 4.2 and P8

We have an old Motorola Canopy network and one of our APs died. All SM, AP & CMM(Micro) are 5.7GH and running software version 4.2. Can we install a replacement AP, P8 5.7GH, and blend into the existing network without making any changes to other hardware and software (SMs)?

As long as the AP is another P8 AP, there should not be a problem. Since you are running older Software, are you running your radios with Hardware scheduling or Software Scheduling?

Also, have you considered running software release 7.3.6 on your P8 hardware?

Thanks for the response. I must confess to a fair amount of ignorance in responding to you questions. We’re a small network company and installed the Motorola Canopy products a number of years ago (2004/2005) for a customer and have not had any access to the network since that time. The hardware is as old as the above dates so I’m certain if we were to purchase a P8 it would be the only one among four (4) AP’s. Also, I’m not sure what scheduling is so I’m sure it’s not part of the mix. We just have not been involved since the initial installation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

p8 ap’s do not have hardware scheduling so you wont see that option. if your replacement AP does not have 4.2 installed you could have some timing problems with the rf transmitters and they will interfer with eachother. p8’s can be upgraded as high as 7.3.6 so if you purchase another p8 with different software you might want to think about updating them all to 7.3.6 which was pretty stable.