Canopy & VoIP

Dear All,

I am designing a small Canopy system that will consist of (2) 5.2 GHz Access Points and (2) 5.2 GHz SM’s. There will be a CMM installed with the AP’s.

The (2) SM’s will support VoIP & Data. I am looking for confirmation that there are settings in the AP’s and SM’s that allow me to allocate priority for the VoIP traffic over the standard data, and maybe a little primer as to how it is done. I know there has been disucussion on the forum with regard to this.

The VoIP phone switch will be located in the same building that the APs and CMM will be installed.

Also - what firmware version are the newest models shipping with? Are there any “gotchas” that anyone is aware of with regard to the latest and greatest firmware version in conjunction with VoIP priority?

I’m guessing you are bridging two offices…

Since there is no other traffic, you don’t really need to deal with QoS on the radios. The soft switch typically has a data port for the LAN that prioritizes voice over data for you.

If the soft switch does not have the data port for the LAN, then you will need a gateway/firewall that will do QoS placing priority on the voice.

If you want to implement DiffServe QoS on the radios, you need a gateway/firewall that can tag traffic with the appropriate code-point before it goes into the SM. Canopy will honor the code point, but does not actually tag the traffic.

Thanks Jerry. Any recommended devices to do the tagging?

I have not needed to do DiffServe tagging, but I were I would use a MikroTik router. I have one out there that is doing dual WAN routing and it’s been flawless.

Check out the wiki: