Canopy VS Trango

What do yall think

i dont think this is the best place to have this discussion. :slight_smile:

I prefer the trango altas bh over the othrogon, but thats the only trango i use.

On the subject of APs and SMs, the Motorola gear is better, bar none. Better range, frequency reuse on towers, etc.

If you have no interference, line of sight, want high speeds, and low density, then Trango is fine.

On the subject of backhauls, the Trango Atlas is the worst gear I’ve ever used. Over several units, I had constant ethernet port lockups that could only be fixed by power cycling the unit. When I called Trango, I found out they didn’t even have control of the ethernet chips, they farm out all the drivers to other companies who give them binary blobs that they talk to with their user interface software! They do NO REAL ENGINEERING! That’s a big “STAY AWAY” sign to me. Orthogon is rock solid, very very fast and very low latency. And they do their own engineering. Trango is just modified 802.11 junk.

If you want decent back hauls that are cheap, OSbridge makes some modified 802.11 gear with atheros chips that allow you to turn off carrier sense, and they have a time-division mode for the back hauls that makes the performance decent. Their $200 5XLi units do 4000-8000 packets per seond and their $500 units can do something like 20000 packets per second. Decent stuff. They have a full duplex unit for around $1000 each.

how about raylink?

I read somewhere somebody said its a good product

I’d have to disagree on the Atlas BH’s. We have several in operation and they are rock solid. 3 units are connected to Cisco 2924 switches, and one is connected to a CMMmicro.

how come trango 5.3 product can go 7km but canopy only can go 2 miles

I will stick with Jerry on the atlas trango backhauls. I have found that they perform much better then the orthogon for the price. I have never had an ethernet lock up problem on the trango.

All I need to say is you get what you pay for, but I can’t leave it that way. The Motorola or Orthogon is a Carrier class professional grade radio that really has no comparable competition. Yes they are $$$ but you get allot. The radio is full duplex so it can tx and rx at the same time and makes the radio vary versatile in the fact that you can select separate channels for tx and rx. Exceptional range compared to the atlas. According to Trango using a 4ft dish at 34dbi will get you 30Mbps at 30 miles. I have a set of orthogons on 4ft dish doing 30Mbps at 79.7 miles. Can the trango move vertical in 6ft seas and remain linked? That is a total of 12ft of vertical movement. I have personally had an orthogon move diagonal 30ft and still be linked at excellent speed. The trange is pretty much 802.11 and for that price a rip-off if you ask me.

Tell you what I could build you a set of BH’s 5.8Ghz OFDM full layer3 capability 600MW or 28dbm tx power and provide 108Mbps Full Duplex for less than 1 trango radio.

That’s like trying to compare broadband to 56k dialup

We have managed to survive and actually do reasonably well for the last 5 years by planning and spending very wisely. We buy based on what we need to get through the next 18 months based on the last 18 months of growth. The Orthogon was way more horsepower than we needed. Had the budget allowed it, there would have been no contest and we would not be having this discussion.

It’s likely that in 18-24 months we will need to upgrade at which point we will probably go licensed for our main backhaul and re-purpose the Trango as I am fairly confident that it will still be working fine. Based on my highly positive experience with Trango, it’s possible that we would use an 18GHz TrangoLink. There would have to a compelling reason to use something else.

I could build a mikroTik/RB link also, but I am not willing to bet my main BH on gear that is not designed for rugged outdoor use. I know there are alot of guys doing just that, but that’s not us.

Hay jerry that is kind of hypocritical don’t you think? Didn’t I read somewhere here that you were implementing a muni-WIFI system using MikroTik? or am I wrong about that? Maybe it was for a customer I don’t remember. If so MikroTik & 802.11 is good enouph for one part of your network but not the other? My only point for this whole thread is if we are going to compare equipment then said equipment should be in the same class. It’s like all these companies promise a Mobile metro WIFI system using 802.11. Will is work? NO! Why? Ill give several reasons
1. Mobility 802.11 will only support walking speed fairly reliably and up to 30MPH under favorable conditions.
2. 802.11 standards were designed originally for indoor applications & isn’t robust enough for outdoor’s
3. session persistance and roaming between AP’s NO! While moving between AP’s cnnection will be lost until you stop or come to a slow crawl. this will make VOIP and video useless.
4. VOPI and video barely work on 802.11 not moving. Anymore then a couple connections per AP and it’s done.
I could go on and on but I won’t. 802.11 uses DSSS or direct sequence spread spectrum modulation on a single channel. for mobility to work you need something like Motorola’s MEA radio it is a QDMA radio and also has DSSS modulation but it encorperates a 4 channel radio using 1 channel for control like hending off to the next AP and the other 3 for data similar to your cell phone and it will support connectivity in excess of 250MPH with a threwput of 1.3Mbps over 80MPH.
Sorry didn’t mean to get off on that and yes you are right jerry. The trango will do what you need it to, but still not comparable to the Ortho.

To clarify:
The MikroTik was for an end user intended to provide failover from our network to a DSL circuit. Only that user’s data runs across the MikroTik.

We all agree that in terms of performance there is no comparison between Ortho and Trango. That was never up for debate. The issue was that twinkletoes had issues with Trango and warned to stay away. My response to that was that Trango has worked well for me.

Somehow we got off on a rant about how Trango is a rip off, etc, etc.

Yah! I couldn’t remember if it was for a customer of not. Nothing aginst MikroTik. All my core and edge routers are MikroTik, although they are on Supermicro Superservers and not routerboards.

I did not intend to make it sound like Trango was a ripoff. I have not used the Atlas, but i am sure they have their place in the market.

attitude0330 wrote:
Yah! I couldn't remember if it was for a customer of not. Nothing aginst MikroTik. All my core and edge routers are MikroTik, although they are on Supermicro Superservers and not routerboards.

I did not intend to make it sound like Trango was a ripoff. I have not used the Atlas, but i am sure they have their place in the market.

how many users you served and the total throughput?

We ordered our first Atlas 5010 today - I look forward to installing it and seeing how it works. We’ve been using Motorola OFDM Lites up until this point, but if we can save some money on links that aren’t as critical as our main backhauls, I’m game to use them.

Be sure to validate the link will work with the Atlas link tool. You can download it from the Trango website

9 miles, clear line of sight and 100+ feet at both ends. profile is clear (used DeLorme). It should be a walk in the park. :smiley:


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