Is this going to happen? The website seems to be down and I haven’t heard much talk about it in here?

Maybe those of us excited about it were running up the data transfer allotment on a site that wasn’t technically on line yet. If that’s the reason it came down, consider this an apology on my part. Looking forward to more information and the opportunity to gather!

Any news on CanopyCon?

I’m guessing it got canceled or rescheduled since the date is nearing and the website is gone.

Hope it gets rescheduled soon!

I was looking forward to meeting some fellow wireless geeks…

A bit on the short notice side but there is the EC Expo in Denver on January 17-19. Check out their schedule, they have some Canopy specific seminars to include a troubleshooting seminar on the 18th.

On the topic of the web site, if the person in charge needs a place to host it PM me.