Can't access GUI on E500, ISP modem has same IP

I want to add an E500 to my existing network. However when I type in the E500’s default IP address, the ISP’s modem GUI is loaded instead because it’s the same IP address as the AP’s. My ISP says they can’t change the modems IP address, so how else can I get into the E500 to set it up? Thanks

Unplug the E500 from your network/cable modem, and then access the E500’s default IP and configuration page using its WiFi or by being directly plugged into the E500. Then you can configure it for a different IP that doesn’t conflict with the cable modem.


OK, how do I access the 500’'s wifi? I did try connecting. the AP directly to the laptop but it didn’t recognize the AP’s default192.168.0.1 My network is on, does that matter? Thanks

Please review Chapter 2: Quick Start – Device Access for information on connecting to your E500.

Thanks, I’ll see if i can figure it out. In all honesty, all the cambium instructions are written for people who already know computer networking and all the terms. I couldn’t access the device’s IP address because the ISP modem is using that address. The other methods are totally unknown to me and will require a lot of research just to figure out what they are. Conversely, I set up 2 nanobeams in less than 10 mins, used the app, connected to the beams via wifi and simply configured them without having a clue as to what i was doing. Was hoping the AP would be similar. Not everyone is in the industry and will probably set up an AP once in their life. The process should be easier.

Process is very easy but somone who have to do it must have minimum knowladge about tcp/ip. This is not home staff but enterprise network equipment. If it is to hard 4 u buy tplink or Ubi.

I have an enterprise system for my business, not a home system. I’m in a rural area and no network experts near me so have to do it myself.

I am not writing that your system is home, only that systems for automatic configuration were created for home systems. Business solutions require network knowledge, even basic knowledge.
If such a person is not around, there is always documentation in PDF, youtube and other things that can help.

Thanks Eric. I tried that already, unplugged the network computer from the modem, plugged the AP into the network computer. When I entered the AP’s IP address, nothing happened, the GUI didn’t come up.

Please take help from our tech-support team .

I tried to open a ticket to support, it went to a blank page with just a tiny logo.

Remove adblocker and Disconnect if its running under the browser.

Just to close this thread out. Was finally able to config the AP. Got a laptop, connected directly, modem offline, Changed it’s IP range to the default AP’s and was able to login. Had one glitch, as I was configuring, when I entered the static IP address of my network and saved that step, i wasn’t able to continue configuring because now the computer’s IP was not compatible with the AP’s new IP.anymore. What a pain. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.