Can't access the device


I have  a strange issue on my PTP 650. The link is on and and I can access devices  connectd to it but I can't access the link it self.

When the both sides are plugged in the switch the latency is high and we can't access them.

when one or both of the sides are connected to a labtop, both sides are easy to access.

when one of the sites which the link attached is powered off the access is easy.

Does any one have faced this problem before 

Perhaps your network has lots of traffic that is flowing over the link?

When you disconnect the link from your network, it appears to be easy to reach.

When you connect it to the network, could the offered load be more than the link can bear?

Thank you for the reply.

but why when I restore  the old conf.  I didn't manage to get access to the  link and do you know any back door ip that cloud access me to the link 

The PTP 650's default IP address is You can use this address (during recovery) to access the link ends.


In order to get into the fallback ip of the unit, first you gotta power cycle up the unit with the 650 Standard power cycle procedure, therefore you will be get access to it so you can see what you did wrong, bet it must be the management access, that’s easy to see.

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