Can't adjust 9000SMC power level below 4dBm

On several of my 9000SMC radios that are very close to the AP, I’ve adjusted the power output down to 1dBm and it’s done well to reduce the amount of interference in the area. However I have 3 SMs now that I’m trying to adjust below 4dBm … one down to 2dBm, 1 down to 1dBm and another down to 3dBm and it won’t let me go below 4dBm on any of these SMs. It’s really odd … I went back and I turned up the output so it was above 5dBm on one that I’d set to 1dBm … then tried lowering it back to 1dBm again and it worked no problem. Any idea why I’m having problems with a few of the radios getting them below 4dBm?

Gregg Smith
Westcom Broadband

i am not sure but why don’t you use a smaller less expensive antenna when your that close and you will not have to lower it down that much?


Thst is odd. Are the SM’s all the same software version?

If so, I have no idea - that would worth a call to Moto.

Assuming they shrug, you could do what Kenny suggests and use a lower gain antenna. Maybe a low gain yagi?

They’re all the same s/w version … 7.2.9.

I used the smallest Yagi I have … an 11dBi, however I really want to have full control of power output.

It’s really got me baffled. Any help would be appreciated.

Gregg Smith

I’ve had an identical problem. Anywhere from 1dbm to 4dbm minimum.

If you had the same problem … were you able to fix it? If so ---- how???

I wonder if a reload of 7.2.9 or an upgrade to the latest version would fix it?