Can't apply Bandwidth Service Plan

I hope this is an easy fix but for the life of me I can’t figure out why this won’t work.

I’ve accepted the APs, and it auto-discovered the SMs. I then accepted the SMs for management. All the Management States for the APs and SMs say ‘Managed’. I then created the Bandwidth Service Plan that I want. Then I check the boxes next to the devices I wanted to apply the plans too, I clicked Run Now and it appears to do it. However when I log into the SM the Bandwidth Plan hasn’t taken affect. What am I doing wrong?

You must enable Authentication Mode on AP SIDE

By enabling Authentication mode on AP then am I required to have all SMs authenticate? I swear that on an earlier version of Prizm I was able to push Bandwidth Plans to selected SMs without using Authentication.

Without using authentication on the AP, the AP will never talk to Prizm when a new SM comes online. So yes you must use authentication.

If you’re afraid of blasting all of your subs offline, go to File -> Settings -> Edit Settings -> Authentication. There you can control what’s done with ‘unlisted’ radios.

When I go to File > Settings > Authentication it says:

BAM Feature is not Active.
Cannot modify authentication settings.

All my APs have a Management State of “Managed”. Doesn’t that mean they are capable of being BAM managed too?

You don’t need authentication to set a bandwidth service plan in prizm. You can use QOS settings of the SM for this. When setting bandwidth plans prizm will change the QOS tab of the configuration area of the canopy radio. If your AP’s are set to Configuration Source=SM than the AP will use the QOS settings of the SM for its bandwidth control.

Are you sure these settings are not being changed? What do are the QOS settings set to right now and what are you trying to change them to? Maybe you are putting invalid values in there.


Prizm is actually not functioning properly right now for me. I’m probably going to have to format the server and start from scratch so I’ll let you know if I have any questions after that.