Cant conect to web interface


I just got 2 ePMP1000 5Ghz Integrated Radio’s, my problem is i cant conect to the units through the web interface.

Everything is conceted corectly, when i start up i start a continuas ping on as indicated is the units IP. It starts up then it pings the unit for 10 hops then it is gone. Cant ping it again and cant get into web interface. Power is still showing the Power light is constant and the ETH1 light is flasing.

I did try loging in on 2 PC’s Win7/8 using IE9, chrome and firefox.
Both my units does the same.

Any help will be apreciated.
Thank you


Are you using a switch or hub to connect to the Integrated Stations? Try connecting directly to the radios with a laptop. The Radios may be configured for DHCP, and you have a DHCP server on your network that is responding to these Integrated stations. If you are directly connected to these radios try using IP address to connect to these radios, then change the configuration on the stations to static from DHCP.