Can't install Prizm 1.1

Hi everyone,

i have problem with install prizm 1.1 to windows machine, the installation file didn’t show up and after i double click the file, there is nothing happen. i suspect my downloaded file was corrupt, n i start to download again, n still same. my file size is 40.8 MB (41,797 KB).
Before i try version 1.1, i already install version 1.0 and everything works perfectly. The installation progress works perfectly on 1.0 version, not 1.1
I use java 1.5.0

Any suggestion?


Hi Alls,

My installation file was corrupt, i get the working file from my friend, and the amazing is the size file is exactly the same 40.8 MB (41,797 KB)
but when i create md5sum, the result is totally different :

87e381b245c84cee55d70935067e9ae5 prizmsetup_1_10_r01.exe
92f73394d96524e91959afeb0776d221 prizmsetup_1_10_r01.exe

The suggestion for Motorola…

Please give md5sum file each software that listed on your website, so we can verify, the file that we download is corrupt or not.