Can't Move Routers Between Networks

I keep getting the following error when trying to move cnPilot routers between networks. It does not always happen but it has been happening more frequently lately. I only have routers in cnMaestro. No APs or SMs. This is the cloud version.

Hi David,

Are the devices that cannot be moved daisy chained to other devices or are they recieving power from another device like an ePMP SM?

In these cases the device would report to cnMaestro that they have a parent device which could be the cause of this error.  If this is the cause we may need to make adjustments for when parent devices are not be managed by cnMaestro.

We were able to reproduce this locally by daisy chaining two cnPilots together and also with a cnPilot that was under an SM that was not onboarded to cnMaestro.  Please let us know if neither of these use cases fit your scenario.  Otherwise, we will be tracking this fix under CNSSNG-3501.

Most of them connect to PMP 450s and some connect to ePMP which neither are connected to cnMaestro. We currently only track cnPilot Routers in cnMaestro. No SMs or APs.

That sounds like it may be the issue then.  We're detecting devices connected to the cnPilots as parent devices and block moving the cnPilots to a new network.  However, the parent devices aren't onboarded into cnMaestro.  We will make adjustments to allow this in CNSSNG-3501.

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Great! Thank you Jordan for looking into this!