Cant open cnmaestro on prem

Kindly assist

@TimoWanume – Could you please share the exact steps to reproduce? as i am able to deploy the 3.0.0-r34 ova in vmware player 16.

@TimoWanume, does the checksum of the file match what is listed in the download page? The file may have been corrupted during the download.

sha256sum: 786d5b2a924fb8108f6eaf9f75e850551dcd8f337b41c30b64c64bea6770aa95

2.4.1 also does the same.
I tried virtual box and still the same issue

I downloaded 2 different files from 2 different computers but both are giving the same error.
Even version 2.4.1 is giving the same error on both virtual box and VMware

@TimoWanume could you please create a support ticket in

first and easy step is to reply to @Jordan
that sha256sum (search for “check sha checksum”) will tell you if your download is correct or damaged.

thanks @MW_WISP ,
yea the download was corrupt. I downloaded a new one and it worked