CAN'T UPGRADE SM firmware with PRIZM

Hi all,

I installed Prizm 3.1 and I’m having troubles trying to upgrade SMs.

I loaded .pkg3 packages in Prizm and I installed a TFTP server in the linux server (which has the prizm also). Running TFTP server test in prizm gives me “Test successfull” message.

I tryed dowloading and uploading files with a tftp client in my computer and there is all ok. However when I try to upgrade firmware in SMs (either using AP as fileserver or using my tftp server) it dont work. I always get the same error:

"Error Trasnferring Files!!FTP transfer filesfailed,java.Net.SocketTimeoutException:Read time out."

I also tryed checking the “Use Passive FTP for Trasferring Files to Network Element” checkbox, with no success.

Can any body help me with that, please?