Capacity figure for broadcast message processing

Hello Team,

Do we have any capacity figures for the hotspot that says how much broadcast messages it  can support per second without compromising on its overall performance.



What kind of application are we looking to use here?

A simple number may not be that helpful sincethere are a lot of considerations that can affect real-world performance: Broadcast packets are transmitted without any 11n aggregation and typically at a 'basic-rate' which is one of the legacy (11g/11a) data rates (configurable); they are also queued up for transmission during DTIM if any client goes into sleep mode (clients will wake up on the DTIM beacons to pick up multicast/broadcast packets) and this queue can be upto 500 packets long so depending on what clients do things could get backed up.

Broadcast packets will also be replicated across BSSIDs if multiple WLANs are using the same VLAN (so one wired broadcast packet could turn into potentially 8 packets on the air, of an ePMP1000 Hotspot) affecting the total airtime available to flush out these packets.