capacity planner fields clarification

New to PMP 450, have been exploring the "capacity planner" tool to figure out the number of SMs that can be accomodated by an AP based on 20M download and 5 upload. All seemed more or less straight forward till I got to the the "Network Planning" sheet sections below... I understand like "plan", "percentage" inputs, I struggle understanding the Downlink group input the numbers in blue such as "VoIP ( HP traffic)"  0.2, or 20 under "Browsing (LP traffci)", 4.5 in subsequent Streaming field, are these in Mbps or percentages or what is exactly? ... Not covered in any of the associated webinars or may have missed it  .... through me off for sure. and appreciate any hint that can be shared to help out. Thanks

Monthly Service plan


                       Plan.          Percentage.       VoIP (HP traffic)     Browsing (LP traffic)       Streaming ( HP traffic) 

Plan A.            100%                                               0.2 ?                      20 ?                              4.5 ?