Capacity Planner for PMP 450AP or ePMP 2000 Ap

My suggestion has to do with adding the new ePMP 2000 AP and PMP 450M AP to Capacity Planner forms . ISP companies  are  trying to forseen and or  calculate the expected bandwidth and well as the  maximum number customers we can provide Internet service. 

You can do this in LinkPlanner Kdrama.

Really? Cambium Tech Support team advised me to use the Capacity instead of the link estimator 

Both the 2000 and 450m are in LinkPlanner and give estimated throughput values.

Thanks Eric, I am looking at it. Thanks a lot 

Hello All,

An update to the Capacity Planning Tool to enable users to plan networks based on service levels offered and contention with a 30MHz wide PMP450 Channel would be well received.

Although not limited the following - LinkPlanner is an absolutely cracking tool for determining link budget and overall PMP sector capacity for the supported channels etc.