Capital letters break cnMaestro connection

This is an issue at least on ePMP radios. Capital letters in the cnMaestro URL break the connection to cnMaestro. We are using cnMaestro cloud. I’m not sure how these capital letters are getting into the radio config in the first place, as it is seemingly randomly happening to radios that have been in cnMaestro for a long time. But that’s another issue.

Screenshot from 2023-08-04 09-34-50

I think it’s the “https://” that is breaking it. I only put in my cnMaestro URL. When I made the “C” capital, it did not break it. When I added “Https://” or “https://” or “Http://” or “http://” it broke it.

We have in every radio in our network and it works fine. It does seem that any capitalization in https:// breaks things though.