Captive portal on premise


We decided to start using captive for our clients. We are using on premise cnmaestro.
Problem is that in URL of captive portal is visible IP address of cnmaestro (plus the rest of the string…).
With that, wifi clients can see IP address of cnmaesteo in that URL and with that thay can get the login page of the controller (they see IP adress in URL).
My question, is there any “hack” to avoid that?
I am using Mikrotik as gateway for wifi clients, I believe it can be done with layer7 (regular expresion), or content in ip firewall filter, just need to properly match part of captive portal URL (in URL there is also name if guest portal, mikrotik is looking first 10 packets or 2KB…) Tried but didnt get any match in firewall rule :roll_eyes:

I know this is not directly question for cambium users, maybe for mikrotik forum but…

I cant implement captive portal if I cant prevent users to get only URL of captive portal by some criteria in firewall, and anything else with dest IP of cnmaestro is droped


Its possible to configure a URL for Guest access portal in on-premise cnMaestro. Please find attached screenshot of the configuration.