Carrier Aggregation

When can we start using our Medusa 3.65 with the SAS and have carrier aggregation? We are currently looking to pull down a perfectly good system and replace with LTE because of the lack of support. I need 20 - 40 MHz to cover my customers.

The 450 product line doesn’t support CA in the sense that LTE does. Rather, it just allows you to use 20, 30, or 40MHz channels just fine. You just select the channel width you want to use and the system/SAS will take care of the rest.

So first off, Cambium is leading the industry in highest number of deployed CBRS devices… by a large margin. Many operators, including myself, are successfully using 450m 3GHz using larger (20-40MHz) channel widths without issues. There are significant drawbacks (IMHO) to deploying LTE on CBRS. We actually moved AWAY from LTE over to Cambium for CBRS and couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, Cambium does have plans to eventually add carrier aggregation to 450m at some point, but it’s going to be awhile.

But – other than running, say 80MHz… you don’t need it in the sense of LTE. I can request a 30 or 40MHz channel… I don’t need to aggregate 4 10MHz channels.