CarSenseLost & outerrors Count

This is inside the ethernet statistics tab

I’m having this both increase consistently and the same amounts. Since the last reboot they both are always exactly the same amounts.

We used to have a lot of CRC errors due to an FM station on our tower. We redoing our grounding and drain wires we’ve removed the CRC errors but now have this issue.

We still cannot get the radio to come in using our switch on anything other thatn 10H. The switch is an unmangaged auto sensing Moxa 305.

Anyone have any ideas for the CarSenseLost and outerrors Count?

We’ve ordered another CMMircro to replace all of this, its overkill, but the enclosure may just help our RF enviroment, along with not requiring additional Power for the AP and BH.

We had these problems when we were on an am tower.
We tried everything, ground bar isolators for the cable, double sheilded cable, grounding the cable ungrounding the cable (a CMM wouldnt work there , the AM signal just sent it nuts so yours may not work either) you name it we tried it. But you know what finally fixed it?
Moving to a tower a half mile down the road.