CBRS Compliant Units?

Looking to buy out a very small neighboring wisp. They have 6 AP’s operating in 3.65 and I’m pretty sure they have not taken any effort to become CBRS compliant. Not being familiar with cambium products at all - can anyone tell me if the following model numbers are CBRS capable?

All cambium PMP450 radios that were previously used in the USA for NN/3.65/Part 90 use are compatible with CBRS. PMP320 “WiMAX” radio support has been discontinued and is not compatible with CBRS.

In order for you to use PMP450 radios under the new rules, you’ll need to update them to the newest firmware revision, 20.3.1, and you’ll also need to get your CPI (certified professional installer). You’ll then need to either use cnMaestro cloud or on premise service to manage them and add them to the SAS.

The two part numbers you cite are both CBRS compatible.

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Great. Thanks for the clear response. We already use CBRS LTE on a different brand and have our own blocks we won in the auction. This will be a great addition to our network I hope.

With the exception of the PMP320 3.65 equipment.

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You’re technically correct… which is THE best kind of correct :hugs: