CBRS - error 400[inside exclusion zone]

I have a 450i AP I’m trying to register to SAS. Keep getting error “error 400[inside exclusion zone]”

AP is nowhere near an exclusion zones. I also have 3 other AP’s within a mile all authorized in the SAS without issue.

I’ve deleted it out of the CBRS management tool and have readded it 3 times now. Same result.

The map below will show you the exclusion zones. Verify that you are indeed clear of exclusion zones.
Click the image button to toggle the map layers.

What SAS are you using?

Map that has exclusion zone layers

Google SAS. That would put this site approx. 110 miles away from the closest exclusion zone. I have AP’s 60 miles closer that had no problems. Like I said, this is a bizarre issue as I have 3 other AP’s that are authorized in the same town.

Open a support ticket there have been some issues with google.

This happened to me with an SM next to another one that already had a grant. After a couple of hours it got its grant.
I also notice that from around 11pm - 3 am (PST) I ger resend request from google SAS.

I forgot to follow this up. Error 400 also means interference. I chose an alternate frequency and it authorized no problem. It’s a bit deceiving to see this from cnMaestro, but is much more evident directly from Google SAS.