CBRS Online Training Coming in January

We wil be releasing 4 modules on CBRS in the first week of January. This is the online version of content covered during the Instructor led course that was held at the Rolling Meadows office in early December. These modules will cover:

  • Basics of CBRS
  • Account Creation and Billing 
  • CBRS Architecture 
  • Registering, Operating and Monitoring CBRS Devices 

Look for the announcement on the courses as we start 2020.

Bradley Schubert

Multimedia Instructional Designer

Cambium Networks

Will there be a fee for this training?  This is not the CPI training, we will still be required to get that elsewhere?

There is no fee for this training, and this is not the official CPI training.

It covers Cambium's PMP 450 family of products operating in CBRS band.

For the official CPI training, Federated Wireless and Google (and others) offer it at a cost. 

CBRS training modules have now been released in the Cambium learning system here.

Please check them out and post in this forum if there are further questions or discussion.



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Additionally, official CPI training is still absolutely necessary in order to operate in this band.

As Lucia mentions, each of the SAS providers offers training:

Federated Wireless