CBRS Re-Regs

I have a AP on 16.2.4 (Beta), if I turn on CBRS, a couple of the SMs re-reg, when they are up the aggergates are about 100-123 meg. If CBRS is disabled and I am not having any issues with re-regs, anyone have any idea? Tx powers are set to the same with CBRS enabled/disabled! 

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Have you updated to the official software? Are you still experiencing the same issue?


This sounds like some of the SMs coming in below the 15dBm threshold for the Receive Target Level (RTL) that is configured on the AP, and the registration requests are getting rejected by the AP.

When SMs connect to a CBRS enabled AP they need to do their initial registration and grant request at the lowest possible power, and due to this, they sometimes register below the threshold.

There was a fix in the 16.2.1B3 software release to allow SMs to connect below the threshold, the AP will log a message stating that it allowed an SM to connect below the 15dB threshold rather than rejecting the request.

Alternatively, if you don't want to run a Beta load on the devices, you can change the RTL on the AP from the default -52 RSSI to a lower value (-64 for example).
The downside of changing the RTL vs running the Beta load would be that any SMs that can get an RTL better than the configured lower RTL would turn down their power to match the new value.