CBSD Lost Transmit - No Communication From Cambium or SAS

At around 2AM last night I lost all transmit to my Cambium CBSD’s. If they’re going to have this kind of control, why don’t we get a notification on this?? 6 hours later I find out I have 300 customers offline? This is unacceptable. Was there some change last night I’m unaware of?

Here’s the deal, we PAY cambium to be the proxy to the SAS. So give me something guys. Where is the communication?

We cannot operate in this frequency if the SAS or cnMaestro is going to cease our transmit randomly without even telling us. Is this the future? Just cross your fingers and hope you don’t get deauthorized randomly at 2AM? I’m freaking out a bit, and I don’t think I’m alone here.

There was an issue with the link from the Google SAS to the Domain Proxy. We recently switched to Federated because of other issues and did not experience this issue this morning. This seems more like Google dropping the ball but we will have to wait for the post mortem.

I agree, this is completely unacceptable. Customers shouldn’t go offline due to a communication issue between Google and Cambium unless a pretty significant time period elapses.

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Yeah well cnMaestro should be programmed to follow the last order given by the SAS instead of presuming it needs to cease all transmission simply because it lost its link for a few minutes. And we should get email warnings or notifications galore if you’re gonna cut off all my customers. This is rediculous. Not what we were briefed on at WISPA when they were spoon feeding us this spectrum. If this happens again, we might have to pull the plug on this investment. CBRS cannot be the band where WISPs go to die. And if it keeps up, believe me, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to CBRS. So far this spectrum is a giant pain in the ass. Just saying.

Yeah I agree its not like they said it would be CBRS doesn’t seem like a commercially viable service at this point especially for any area in a DPA. Imagine how the providers are going to react when they realize the spent 19 million per pal for spectrum in San Diego that can be turned off with out any notice. As for following the last command the SAS provided there is a transmit expire time in place because the spectrum was military radar before they agreed to open it up but on the contingency that they can still use it at any time.

We only have a small number of customers on CBRS for testing at this time but its nerve wracking because on Saturday we will no longer be able to move back to our NN licence as it expires along with most of the other NN licences.

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