Cctv over wireless

I have a client who has a farm and he wants cctv in the farm.
I want to suggest cambium epmp for transmission of these cctv footages.
Which cambium product js good fir this

Please look at cnVision product line:
cnVision Homepage


Depending on the number of cameras and the specific requirements, but we currently have a few sites including our towers with IP cameras on them. Some with many cameras have a local nvr others with just a couple we carry the data back to a nvr.

No problems with epmp hardware, cnvision is just epmp with different firmware to prioritize video streams and take out things that are not needed for a wide area closed and non-shared cctv network.
Remember to calculate for both the high def stream and the low def stream if you are not using a local nvr, else just multiply the number of cameras by the low def stream rate plus one high def stream rate to figure the upstream bandwidth needed.

If you run a wisp and are going to carry this data, you may want to either setup a vpn access or a ptp-tunnel from one site to another.