Certified Repair Center

It would really be nice to have a place to send broken equipment for repair. I can’t beleive there are so few options for bad units. I would spend $100. to get a $250. sm unit repaired :!:

I was just told that Motorola has no means of repairing a 2.4 Advantage AP costing around $1500.00. It’s radio works, it just doesn’t have Ethernet connectivity. I suspect it took an EMF spike on the Ethernet cable, but who knows. No service info, no repair centers. Just toss it ($1500.00) in the trash. Not only is Motorola missing another profit center, it is hanging us guys that are supporting them out to dry. This is ridiculous!

pjrankin : read a thread in the main forum where they’re discussing this. A good local electronics guy should be able to fix it if you gave him Canopy system training. Heck, I could probably fix it, if you gave me an SM to salvage the ethernet chip (must be same HW version) and transformer from.

open up the AP there are two chips relating to the ethernet, standard off the shelf components. Try replacing them.

I would like this as well. I also have a box of SMs (and a couple of APs) with various issues - not all of them Ethernet related. Some of them have RF problems, some seem to be processor issues. :? Geez, I sure wish I could use this gear, it’s taking up too much room in my office. haha :smiley:


I can do some types of repairs but at the cost of a P9 SM for parts.