Chains 10dmb different all of a sudden


Saw latency spiking higher than normal and tracked it down to SM chains being 10dbm apart. epmp3000L with 120 sector and 14 x f300-25 SM There are a few SM with normal chains but the majority have massive differences. LOS is good and I see no reason this should be happening.

I have previously returned about 10 f300 subscribers due to uneven chains and other issues.

Another thing I see is chains flashing from say -68 to -128 then back, quickly. Anyone seen this? I figured it’s just a reporting bug in fw as there’s been so many bugs since days one.

Anyone seen uneven chains and flashing stats?


"I have previously returned about 10 f300 subscribers due to uneven chains "

Going to be pretty ticked off if the 10db chain imbalance crap is back and I have to start bench testing every F300 we receive like I was having to do with the F200-25’s Grrrrrr…

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it is common to have the chains a little different but not 10dB! Clear line of sight seems to not make a difference for chain propagation, one is H polarized and the other is V. Having a slight misalignment in either polarity seems to be a cause but its not conclusive.
@anon89030143, maybe the engineers can chime in?

we had this happen with f200 and they ended up RMA all the radios

Update; this issue went away on its on. Ive since seen it return and go away again. I’m thinking it might be a reporting bug but it’s not happening now so I can’t investigate it at the mo. All subscribers are clear LoS and i’m super anal about getting mounts perfectly plum - it’s defo not user error. I think it will end up being a fw bug or hardware failure on the epmp3000L AP that these SMs are connected to. It’s only happening on one AP.

That happened to me some months ago and the cause was the sector antenna. There was starting to rust inside pretty bad. I put the pictures of it in a post , don’t remember where. Exactly the same symptoms.