Change "Cambium GUI" on web browser tabs to device name or site name

Feature request here or maybe bug report since this seems a silly thing to have to request-

On every other radio we have, both cambium and ubiquiti, when accessing the web UI the tab on the browser displays the the site name (cambium) or device name (Ubiquiti) but the ePMP every radio is “Cambium GUI” . Having the site or device name on that tab makes it so easy to tell at a glance what radio you are currently in. Very often when trouble shooting a radio/connection or testing something you will have serveral radios open in several tabs and all of them being called “Cambium GUI” makes it very difficult to tell which radio is which and increases the chances of entering/changing a setting in the wrong radio.

We are planning to have this feature in our software version 2.1. Sign up for our open beta, and you can try it out.

Right now it looks like the beta files and forum are not available.

The Open Beta for ePMP 2.0.2 is now closed as we just released software version 2.0.2.

Keep coming back to check when we start our next beta release.

Stay tuned.

Release 2.1 beta is now available. The device name is displayed on browser tabs in this release.